The Wolf Among Us Season 1
Season 1, Episode N/A
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Air date October 2013 - July 8 2014
Written by Telltale
Directed by Telltale
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Season One, retitled The Wolf Among Us: Season One, is the first season of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us. It first started in October 2013.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Episode 1: FaithEdit

Bigby has been summoned to the Tenement Building by Toad due to a massive commotion going on in the apartment above. The player has a choice on how hard to be on Toad. It will effect how Toad and Bigby's relationship is, considering it is already tense.

Bigby then proceeds to the apartment above. He gains access to the room where he hears angry yelling. He will then encounter the Woodsman hitting a girl. Bigby and the Woodsman, no matter what choice will engage into an intense fight which will end with both of them falling from the high-story building and Bigby landing on Toad's car. However, Woodsman will reveal to still be alive, as Fables are hard to kill. He, however, is then struck by an axe on his head by the girl he was hitting. He then goes unconscious and Bigby will thank the girl. The girl then asks Bigby if she could have the money the Woodsman owed her. The player is then given a choice, to give her the money or to not give her the money.

If the player chooses to give her the money, Bigby will give her money and she will thank him before leaving.

If the player chooses not to give her the money, Bigby won't give her the money and will be a bit sad. She will then leave.

Bigby will then go to Woodland Apartments where he will encounter Beauty leaving somewhere, secretive, and she will make him promise not to say anything to Beast. Bigby promises and will then encounter Beast. He will ask where Beauty is and the player has a choice, to tell Beast, keep your promise, or close the elevator door on him.

If the player chooses to tell Beast about Beauty, Beast will thank you for telling him and will chase after her.

If the player chooses to not tell Beast about Beauty, Beast will apologize for bothering you.

If the player closes the elevator door on Beast, Beast will react surprised and will scream to wait.

After a brief interaction with Colin, a couch-surfing pig crashing in his apartment, Bigby gets some shut-eye, only to be interrupted by Snow White. She reveals that the girl the Woodsman was hitting was killed, and her severed head was left in the Woodlands courtyard. They return to the Business Office, where they find out that the girl was named Faith, from the Fable Donkeyskin. Bigby also discovers that her husband, Lawrence, is injured, possibly fatally, in his apartment. As he and Snow are about to leave, he receives a call from Toad saying that someone is searching the Woodsman's apartment. The player is then given another choice to whether go to Toad's place first or Prince Lawrence's house first.

If Bigby chooses to visit Lawrence's apartment first, he and Snow arrive to find him seemingly dead from a gunshot wound. After searching the apartment for a time, he concludes that Lawrence committed suicide. However, he soon wakes up, revealing himself to be alive. Bigby is given the option to reveal his wife's death to him, tell him she's missing, or lie about her fate. At that point, someone knocks on the door and begins picking the lock. Bigby and Snow hide in a closet while the prince plays dead. Eventually, Lawrence either pulls a gun on the intruder or tries to commit suicide again, succeeding if Bigby doesn't stop him. Bigby then chases the man out through the streets, soon cornerning in a back alley. He reveals himself to be Tweedledee, a private investigator looking into Faith's death for an employer. Bigby moves to arrest him, but is knocked unconscious by Tweedledum, who snuck up behind him. He is awakened much later by Snow, who informs him that the brothers fled the scene soon after. They then get a taxi to Toad's apartment.

If Bigby goes to Lawrence's apartment second, the prince dies from his injuries and they find Tweedledee hiding in the closet.

Toad's place plays out similarly regardless of whether it's visited first or second. Upon arrival, Bigb and Snow hear TJ crying and Toad comforting him. However, Toad acts like nothing has happened. The sheriif sees signs of damage and forced entry and Bigby finally gets Toad to crack and tell him what happened. Toad tells Bigby that one of the Tweedles had pressured him to keep quiet as they were searching for something the Woodsman was believed to own. If he is visited second, Toad also mentioned that the thug strongarmed TJ. Toad then gives the sheriff Faith's coat, which was left in the apartment. Bigby finds a letter to Lawrence in it, which reads "I'm sorry." He and Snow then exit the apartment.

Bigby, having no choices left, goes to find the Woodsman at the Trip Trap bar to see if he has any role in the murder. During the taxi ride there, Snow expresses doubts about her ability to help citizens of Fabletown. Bigby encourages her to keep at it, and they part ways when they arrive at the bar, with Snow going off to continue the investigation elsewhere. Bigby enters the bar and finds Holly and Gren, who claim to have never seen the Woodsman. However, Woody soon comes out of the bathroom. Bigby questions him about Faith's death, but Woody claims that he had nothing to do with it. Gren then confronts the sheriff about not caring enough about the Fables not living in the Woodlands, and ditches his glamour to fight him. While initially gaining the upper hand, Bigby soon transforms into his half wolf form and trounces Gren. He eventually is given the option to rip his arm off, to the horror of Woody and Holly.

Bigby then moves to arrest Woody. However, Tweedledee then enters the bar looking for information about Faith. Upon seeing Bigby, he attempts to run, as does the Woodsman. Bigby then has to choose who to arrest. Whoever is picked is then marched back to the Woodlands for interrogation. As they arrive at the Woodlands, Bigby notices mundy police lights. He chains his arrest to a street lamp and approaches the apartments, which are cordoned off and surrounded by NYPD officers and cars. Bigby enters the crime scene and walks up to the doorstep, where a group of officers is gathered. He is shocked and horrified to discover what is apparently Snow's severed head, and the episode ends.

Episode 2: Smoke And MirrorsEdit

The episode starts with Bigby being questioned by a female detective named Kelsey Brannigan. Bigby is reluctant to answer her questions. Suddenly, the detective and police officers in the room pass out, and it is shown that Crane had used a memory-wipe spell to let Bigby out.

Crane and Bigby are in a car and talk. Depending on the player's choice, Bigby can praise or criticize Crane's actions. They arrive at the Woodlands to see Tweedledee or the Woodsman, depending on your choice in episode one. Bluebeard is seen cleaning his knife, and Crane tells Bluebeard to let Bigby talk to them (Dee or Woody). Depending on the players actions, Tweedledee or The Woodsman will provide information about Snow or Faith. Also, if the player chooses for Bigby to be "too nice" about his actions, Bluebeard will start punching the hostage (Tweedledee or Woody), and then begin fighting with Bigby. Snow White walks into the room, asking what's going on. The beginning credits start.

Snow White reveals she was not dead, and that someone else had been using glamour to look like her. Snow and Bigby talk to TJ, who said that he had found the body while swimming. They talk to TJ for a bit and gain some information. After, Snow and Bigby examine the body of the victim. It is revealed that she had been using a black market glamour, and that she was given instructions. One of the instructions was to wear the same perfume that Snow wears. A sample of Snow's hair and a photograph of her were also found in one of her pockets. The glamour wears off, and it is revealed that it is a troll. The troll is identified as Lily, Holly the bartender's sister.

The player is given the choice to allow Snow to go to the bar with Bigby. When they/Bigby arrives at the bar, Jack is giving snarky remarks and the player is given the choice to kick him out or to let him stay. Bigby tells Holly about Lily's death, and Holly reveals that Lily was a prostitute who worked at The Pudding and Pie.

Bigby arrives at Pudding and Pie to ask Georgie, the club owner, questions. Georgie is very cocky, and the player is allowed to destroy items such as his TV or cigarrette machine to get him talking. Ultimately, Bigby finds a hole in the ground in which Georgie had hidden a book and some money. The book lists the name of each of the worker's clients and the room number in which they would stay. Lily's last entry was to Mr. Smith in room 207. He then goes to the Open Arms Hotel, and is suprised to find that Beauty works there. Beauty helps Bigby, and leads him to room 207. As Beauty uses her key to open the door, she finds out that it doesn't work. Beast appears, and believes that Beauty had been cheating on him with Bigby. Bigby and Beast begin to fight, and they crash into the door of 207. They stop fighting, and find that there was blood and flowers all over the bed. It is then revealed that this is where Holly's sister died, and that Mr.Smith has an obbsesion with Snow White. He had asked Holly's sister to wear Glamour to look like Snow White. Bigby finds an envelope with three photos; one photo of Snow on a bridge, one of Snow and Bigby during the previous winter, and one of the glamoured Lily on the bed with Ichabod Crane looking over her body. It is then revealed that Mr. Smith is Crane. Crane is looking through the magic mirror, seeing Bigby and Beauty. He picks up the magic lamp and throws it at the mirror, breaking it and ending the episode.

Episode 3: A Crooked MileEdit

After discovering damning evidence at a bloody crime scene, Bigby is just steps behind the prime suspect of a horrific murder, but he's not the only one; other forces in Fabletown will stop at nothing to protect their interests. Every decision matters and time is ticking in this thrilling third episode of The Wolf Among Us

Episode 4: In Sheep's ClothingEdit

Has the Wolf met his match? Beaten and bloody, Bigby is confronted by the realization that a society built on secrets is ripe for exploitation. And that the disenfranchised of Fabletown may see his prey not as the cause of their problems, but as their solution. Constantly caught between ‘the rules’ and doing the right thing, Bigby must tread a path fraught with danger in this penultimate episode.

Episode 5: Cry WolfEdit

Picking up right after the last episode, Bigby stands before the Crooked Man and his crew consisting of Dum (if he was spared) and Dee, Georgie Porgie and Vivian, and the Jersey Devil (all of whom were antagonists of Bigby at least once throughout the 4 previous episodes). The Crooked Man offers hospitality which Bigby can accept. The henchman are nervous about Bigby's presence and Bigby observes the Crooked Man's scare tactics to enforce his rule. Crooked Man reveals that Georgie killed Faith and Lily, if the player hasn't found out. Georgie refuses to talk, but Crooked Man hands over Georgie. As Georgie argues enraged at the Crooked Man, the rest of the Crew except Vivian want to sell out Georgie but Bigby tries to arrest the Crooked Man and/or Georgie. Bloody Mary teleports and attacks Bigby resulting in the others trying to fight too. A portal is discovered in the back of the room which Crooked Man and Mary leave through. Georgie, the Tweedle(s) and the Jersey Devil all launch an assault on Bigby; Bigby survives and leaves the room to chase after the Crooked Man, leaving Georgie and Vivian to leave the scene, with the fate of the surviving Tweedle(s) and the Jersey Devil left unknown.

After that, Bigby will saw Georgie and Vivian going inside the car to escape. Bigby will get them. When he was grabbing the car he will transform into a werewolf transformation. Bigby(player) transformation gauge will be displayed below it. It gives him strength and speed to go after those vehicles. Bigby will choose a vehicle that he want to jumped to.

If he choose the Crooked Man's Limo, Bloody Mary will slow down the limo to shake him off easily until he knocked out. Then, the limo escape.

If he choose the car, Bigby can either try to stop them from getting away. After that, Vivian will try to slow down the car to shake him off. Then, he got dropped out of the car. They will still keep moving. However, Bigby's transformation will still on and can still chase them. But the gauge that displayed below is not enough to stop the car and need to dodge it.


(In order of appearance)

Adam Harrington as Bigby Wolf - Ep. 1-Present, and Woodsman - Ep. 1-Present
Chuck Kourouklis as Toad - Ep. 1-Present, and Bufkin - Ep. 1-Present
Melissa Hutchison as TJ - Ep. 1-Present, and Beauty - Ep. 1-Present
Cia Court as Faith - Ep. 1
Brian Sommer as Colin - Ep. 1-Present
Gavin Hammon as Beast - Ep. 1-Present, Magic Mirror - Ep. 1-Present, Tweedledee - Ep. 1-Present, and Tweedledum - Ep. 1-Present (Determinant)
Erin Yvette as Snow White - Ep. 1-Present
Sam Joan as Cryer - Ep. 1-Present
Andrew Chaikin as Grendel - Ep. 1-Present
Noam Smooha as Tiny Tim - Ep. 1-Present
Roger Jackson as Ichabod Crane - Ep. 1-Present
Anthony Lam as Lawrence - Ep. 1-Present (Determinant)
Janet Lipsey as Holly - Ep. 1-Present
Cissy Jones as Kelsey Brannigan - Ep. 2
Dave Fennoy as Bluebeard - Ep. 2-Present
Colin Benoit as Jack Horner - Ep. 2-Present
Sandy Delonga as Vivian - Ep. 2-Ep. 5
Kevin Howarth as Georgie Porgie - Ep. 2-Ep. 5
Molly Benson as Nerissa - Ep. 2-Present
Ben Knoll as Hans - Ep. 2-Present
David Kaye as Swineheart - Ep. 3-Present
Dustin Rubin as Flycatcher - Ep. 3-Present
Laura Bailey as Aunty Greenleaf - Ep. 3-Present
Kat Cressida as Bloody Mary - Ep. 3-Ep. 5
Philip Banks as Crooked Man - Ep. 3-Present (Determinant)
Julian Kwasneski as Caller - Ep. 4-Present
Bobby Vickers as Jersey Devil - Ep. 4-Present
Terence McGovern as Johann - Ep. 4-Present


Lawrence (Determinant)
Magic Mirror ("Smoke & Mirrors" to "In Sheep's Clothing")
Tweedledum (Determinant)
Georgie Porgie
Bloody Mary
The Crooked Man (Determinant)